When Compared to its Rivals, the Land Rover Discovery Delivers Stand-out Style and Capability.

With a well-deserved reputation for quality, agility, performance, and style, the Land Rover Discovery established the benchmark that all other seven-passenger luxury SUVs aspire to meet. Of course, you don't need to take our word for it. Feel free to check out our Land Rover Discovery comparison page, where you can see how the Discovery fares when put up against rivals like the Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and Acura MDX.

There are several areas where the Land Rover Discovery beats the competition, which we're not at all surprised by. Standard features is one that seems significant since we're discussing premium SUVs that are expected to offer a variety of amenities and technologies. Even the introductory model Land Rover Discovery comes with more standard features than base model Navigator, MDX, or GLS SUVs. For instance, the Navigator only offers all-wheel drive as an optional, pricy addition; it's offered standard with the Discovery. Meanwhile, your Land Rover Discovery comes with standard navigation, keyless start, hands-free communication, and dual-zone climate control. If you want these features in your base MDX or GLS, it's going to cost you.

Of course, there's also the fact that you're not likely to want to risk taking any of the other three SUVs down a trail to explore a new waterfall, while the Discover remains true to its roots and happily heads off-road for all sorts of adventures. If you're looking for the best combination of luxury and capability, the Land Rover Discover is the right choice.

At Land Rover Knoxville, we're proud to offer our customers the selection and service that they deserve. We cordially invite you to drop by our showroom and take a closer look at the Land Rover Discovery to discover all that it has to offer.

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