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There are a lot of things to look forward to this spring--warmer weather, clearer skies, and the lead into summer. There are also a few things we dread during these months including tax season, spring cleaning, and making sure our cars get spring service.

This spring, don't wait--get your car into the service center at Land Rover Knoxville ASAP so we can knock off the cobwebs and have you out on the road enjoying the new season. Three top items we have our eyes out for include:

#1: Battery Checks

While Knoxville isn’t known for its freezing winter temperatures, even mild cold temperatures can cause car batteries to have problems. Even when operating under regular conditions, your battery can discharge acid but especially in the cold, this can increase. When there is too much discharge combined with other things like an overworking engine or running the heat or defrost, your battery's life can drastically decrease. During our spring inspection of your vehicle, this is one of the first parts we will check to keep your car running smoothly for longer.

#2: Filter Checks & Replacements

During the winter months, our cars also come into contact with a variety of debris on the road including sand, dirt, mud, and salt. To keep your engine running well, the engine air filter tries to keep these particles from entering the air stream and causing scratches and blockages. With more debris to deal with, your air filter may strain and become gunked up leading to less fuel efficiency and sluggish acceleration. Luckily, filter replacements are an inexpensive and quick fix that we can do for you.

#3: A Deep Clean Inside & Out

Besides aesthetics, when we give your car a good spring cleaning, we will be sure to reach the undercarriage. We will use a pressure washer to knock out any particles that could be hiding. If left alone, these particles could cause corrosion and rust and could potentially lead to a costly fix down the road.

We can also power clean and dry your interior mats to prevent mold and damp odors from building up inside.

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