The History of Land Rover

When you’re looking for a luxurious and rugged SUV you can count on, you’ll only have history to rely on when determining which brand to go with. Few SUV brands have a deeper history than Land Rover, and you can take advantage of generations of advancements to take home a luxury SUV that can truly do it all. Land Rover Knoxville is here to tell you the story of Land Rover, so you can see just how they’ve managed to build one of the most iconic SUV brands in the world.

From the Beginning

It may sound like something that could only happen in the movies, but the story that Land Rover was started with a drawing in the beach is absolutely true. The founder wanted to create a vehicle that could take on any terrain with ease. It also had to be durable enough to withstand the beatings that off-road driving and dish out, and the first Land Rover was born. Originally intended to help make farming a more manageable task, the Land Rover quickly became the vehicle of choice of both farmers and the military thanks to its ability to handle almost any terrain.

Cementing a Legacy

Eight years after that initial drawing, the celebrity status of the Land Rover was cemented by none other than a handful of college students. Six undergrads wanted to undertake a trans-continental drive from the English Channel to Singapore, and their success also meant bringing the Land Rover brand to mainstream consciousness.

Looking Ahead

Through the years, the Land Rover brand became synonymous with toughness, and in the 60’s and 70’s they were the go-to vehicle for the British Army. They were even tasked with towing missile launch pads through the jungles of Cambodia, a tall order that the Land Rover handled with ease.

Modern Land Rover Models

These days, that rugged heritage is still there, surrounded by a luxury driving experience that makes any Land Rover comfortable for daily use. That combination is exactly why the Land Rover brand has become so popular, but don’t just take our word for it. Visit Land Rover Knoxville to see the new Land Rover lineup in person, and take a few for a spin to find your perfect luxury SUV today.

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