It seems every brand has an SUV with some sort of gimmick to get the attention of Farragut or Maryville drivers. Some might offer a luxurious leather interior. Others boast about chart-topping power. Or maybe it is the list of standard infotainment features they are hoping you'll love. Each vehicle has its "something." Land Rover Knoxville wonders why get their "something" when you can get EVERYTHING in the Land Rover Discovery Sport? A luxurious SUV with the style of an explorer and heart of an athlete.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport offers everything you'll find in the other guys but has its own personality that makes it stand out in a field of also-ran crossovers. When you want to take a stand against the boring SUV field, visit the Tennessee Land Rover Dealer in Knoxville and explore the new Discovery Sport. Land Rover Knoxville wants to give you three good reasons you should discover this spectacular SUV.

  1. Customizable Interior: You have your own style. You are more than just a one-material type of driver. The Land Rover Discovery Sport allows you to express yourself with a variation of upholstery styles. Take your pick from four distinct and elegant materials to fill and line your cabin. A Luxtex/Suede-Cloth mix material or Windsor leather give your cabin a bold look. Give your Discovery Sport a brighter look with tan headlining and light seats. Or go dark and pick the ebony headliner with matching seats. A gloss black, charcoal oak, or titanium mesh finisher completes your interior. Even the ambient lighting gives you ten options to suit your mood.
  2. Additional Seating: You typically have a good idea of who you will be carting around Farragut on a regular basis. But sometimes there are surprises. Extra co-workers join you for lunch. Taking another kid home from school. Team road trip to Maryville. There are times the typical five seats aren’t enough. But you don't have an extra row of seats. Not to worry. The Discovery Sport brings you a unique 5+2 seating configuration. Tucked away in the cargo space is two extra seats ready to be deployed for action. When not in use, they hide conveniently under the floorboard of your cargo space.
  3. Superior Off-Road Potential: The looks of the Land Rover Discovery Sport are not deceiving. If it looks like it is ready to load up and head up the mountain trails or in need of some gear strapped on top as you cross the river for your campsite, that's because it is. Terrain Response 2, Clearsight Ground View, and All-Wheel Drive allow the Discovery Sport to handle any terrain you feel like crossing. A 23.6-inch wading depth means few creeks are off-limits. The Discovery Sport comes equipped with plenty of performance features that make it the ideal companion for adventure.
    1. Discover the Discovery Sport at Land Rover Knoxville

      These three items merely scrape the surface of what the Land Rover Discovery Sport is capable of accomplishing. Learn more about this rugged and elegant SUV at Land Rover Knoxville and browse the selection. You might just find yourself falling in love with this versatile explorer.

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