Compare the Land Rover Discovery Sport to the SUV Competition

At Land Rover Knoxville, we're proud to bring drivers in the Farragut, TN area, and beyond, the full model lineup of stellar Land Rover SUVs. These legendary vehicles are known for their off-road prowess and world-class quality.

One of our favorite crossovers from the renowned carmaker is the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. It gives Seymour, TN drivers the SUV style and ability they want, in a smaller, easy-to-park size. But, as wonderful as we think the Discovery Sport is for a variety of Tennessee drivers, we also know it's not the only luxury SUV around.

Here, we've compared our small SUV to three of its main competitors. All four of these vehicles seat five people, and all have four doors. But, as you'll see, the Land Rover clearly comes out ahead of the competition in several areas.


The Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. the Audi Q5

  • Cargo space. If you carry a lot of gear with you on your adventures, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a better option for cargo than the Audi Q5, because its cargo hold is larger. In fact, the Discovery Sport cargo hold can accommodate nearly 35 cubic feet with the rear seats up, while the Audi has a maximum of just 26.8 cubic feet with the seats in place.
  • Engine power and options. Both the Discovery Sport and the Audi Q5 give drivers a standard powertrain, which consists of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. However, only the Land Rover model allows drivers to upgrade to more horsepower on their engines. The upper trim levels of the Discovery Sport get a boost, from the standard 237 horsepower, to a more-powerful 286 horsepower. The same engine in the Audi only puts out 252 horsepower, regardless of trim level.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. the BMW X3

  • Handling. While the BMW X3 comes with standard all-wheel drive, which makes navigating different road conditions and terrain in the Maryville and Oak Ridge, TN area easier, only the Land Rover Discovery Sport comes with the carmaker's signature All-Terrain Progress Control system and the driver-adjustable Terrain Response system. This system allows you to choose from four settings, either general, grass/gravel/snow, mud/ruts, or sand. The BMW SUV doesn't have anything like these advanced systems.
  • Size and space. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is also more spacious inside that the BMW X3. The Discovery Sport measures both taller and wider than the BMW, which means more cargo space and elbow room inside the vehicle. While the Land Rover can hold almost 35 cubic feet of storage, the BMW cargo hold accommodates just 28.7 cubic feet.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. the Volvo XC60

  • Headroom. While both the Discovery Sport and the Volvo XC60 have similar exterior dimensions, the Land Rover model is actually a few inches taller than the Volvo. What this means for you, and your passengers, is more headroom. Your tallest passengers, especially, will thank you for the few extra inches of headroom in both the front and backseats of the Land Rover SUV.
  • Budget. Getting into a luxurious Land Rover Discovery Sport is easier for a broader range of budgets than a Volvo XC60. In fact, for the same high-end, world-class style and pampering quality as the Volvo, you can get into a brand-new Land Rover for about $4,000 less than the entry price of the Volvo.

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