The Land Rover Discovery Takes on the Competition

On the hunt for a new luxury SUV that can handle the twists and turns of Knoxville life with style? Look no further than the new Land Rover Discovery. Not only does this model feature state-of-the-art interior, connected technology, advanced safety features, and other premium features that break boundaries, but it also offers the grit and brawn that the land Rover name is known for.

As with any vehicle, the Land Rover Discovery has its competitors. Take a look at some of the key features that Maryville, and Farragut, TN drivers care most about to see where the Land Rover Discovery succeeds above the rest. We know you'll be impressed by the well-rounded nature of this powerful and adventurous SUV.


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Land Rover Discovery vs. Lincoln Navigator

  • Standard Grit: When it comes to all-terrain and all-weather readiness, the Land Rover Discovery certainly succeeds over the Lincoln Navigator. The new Land Rover model comes with standard all-wheel drive, while the Lincoln requires a costly upgrade to get the grit you're looking for. The standard rear-wheel drive configuration on the Lincoln won't cut it for many Oak Ridge, TN drivers who want all-terrain capability or simply greater confidence when surfaces get slick. The Discovery is also known for its utility-oriented performance features like a Terrain Management system, a wading depth, off-road drive modes, and other notable perks you won't find on the Lincoln.
  • Safety Features: Of course, both vehicles come with standard safety suites; however, the Land Rover Discovery continues to succeed over the Lincoln. In its very build and structure, the Land Rover Discovery features a high-strength frame with three-dimensional build aspects that place the body all around the frame instead of just on top of it, like you'll find with the Lincoln.

Land Rover Discovery vs. Mercedes-Benz GLE

  • Performance and Durability: Both the Land Rover Discovery and the Mercedes-Benz GLE are luxury vehicles of similar stature, however, there's no denying the unending grit of the Land Rover. Meant to wade into depths of over 20-inches and take on all types of terrain with a Terrain Management System, the Discovery is ready for action. The Mercedes-Benz GLE is more of a town car that doesn't seem to reach further than offering a few drive modes when it comes to performance customization.
  • Functional Design: The Mercedes-Benz GLE certainly has many bells and whistles that might appeal to some drivers. Ambient lighting and extravagant seating patterns make for a statement. However, how functional and long-lasting are these features going to be in the future? The Land Rover Discovery effortlessly blends form and function by providing luxurious surfaces throughout the interior, a refined design scheme, but most importantly, useful and functional features that make life easier. Take the automatic folding seven-seat layout that allows you to depress seats via the center touchscreen, for example. You can configure the inside of your luxury model how you want.

Land Rover Discovery vs. Acura MDX

  • Standard Level of Performance: Once again, the Land Rover takes the cake for its versatility beneath the hood. For example, the Land Rover is fitted with a standard 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces up to 340-horsepower and 443-pound-feet of torque with standard all-wheel drive. On the other hand, the MDX only produces up to 290-horsepower and 267-pound-feet of torque, with an upgrade for all-wheel drive.
  • Luxury: The Land Rover Discovery is the clear winner when it comes to standard luxury. Seven leather-trimmed seats, the options for multiple climate zones, quilted surfaces, woodgrain details, and a refined overall design scheme make it stand out in comparison to the Acura MDX. These are all features you won't find up to par in the Acura for Seymour, TN drivers.

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