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Meet the New Land Rover Discovery Sport at Land Rover Knoxville

The latest Land Rover Discovery Sport is a small compact luxury vehicle that received a more contemporary and comfortable interior design. It has several modern and updated driving aids that help drivers scale rough off-road terrains in rugged and slippery road conditions. Our dealership that serves customers from Knoxville has an extensive catalog of Land Rover vehicles, including the Discovery Sport. You can check out our new inventory to find the right Land Rover Discovery Sport near Farragut, TN.

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Exterior Features

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has a similar exterior styling to the parent Land Rover Discovery with slightly differing features. It arrives with newly restyled and attractive LED lights at the front and back. Additionally, the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport has front fascia fitted at a lower position than any previous models. Furthermore, the Discovery Sport comes in two major variants, where the R-Dynamic form is available in the HSE, SE, and S trim configurations.

Designers of the Land Rover Discovery Sport approached a sportier styling by establishing an R-Dynamic exterior mode. Such a form encompasses monochromatic color shades on the vehicle's lower body parts, black-tone finishes, and specific wheel designing.

Land Rover Discovery Sport ExteriorLand Rover Discovery Sport ExteriorLand Rover Discovery Sport Exterior

Interior Features

Unlike the exterior, the Land Rover Discovery Sport cabin received significant changes that cemented a clean, organized, and upscale interior around Maryville. Designers ensured the vehicle displays luxury by minimizing plastic materials and maximizing soft-to-touch substances, including modest trim level (S). A ten-inch infotainment system with a wireless connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a standard entertainment feature in the most pristine Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Other optional features to watch out for in the Land Rover Discovery Sport include a sizeable head-up display and digital cluster system. It has a unique and customizable seating arrangement, where one can fit two extra seats of the Discovery Sport behind the second row. Although the additional seats appear squeezed, adults can find sufficient legroom and headroom in the second-row or front seats. Comfort in the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport is elevated by the second-row seats' ability to recline backward.

Owners of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport can select a seven-, five-, four-, three-, or two-seat arrangement depending on their preference. When all the five rear seats fold, the Discovery Sport has exceptional 60 cubic feet of space.

Technology Features

This model features a Clearsight Interior Rear-View Mirror that helps the driver access an obstructed view of the vehicle's back. Such technology allows the driver to switch from viewing inside the car to getting a feed from a rooftop camera that faces the rear direction. Additionally, the Clearsight Interior Rear-View camera provides an extensive field of vision regardless of the cargo area is fully loaded. Therefore, it offers the Land Rover Discovery Sport's driver with reliable visual information when driving within Oak Ridge, TN.

The latest Land Rover Discovery Sport has clear-sight Ground View cameras that provide drivers with an impeccable view of the road underneath the vehicle. It collaborates with other driver-assist features to help avert problems when driving off-road. Therefore, it allows drivers to maneuver through tight parking spots or poor road conditions with ease. It works together with forward-collision warnings, automated emergency braking, cyclist, and pedestrian detection to protect other road users.

Performance Features

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport contains a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 246 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. It has an estimated highway and city fuel economy of 24 mpg and 19 mpg. However, the R-Dynamic variant (HSE) powertrains connect to a 48-volt mild-hybrid system that computes 286 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Both engines of the Discovery Sport allow owners to haul up to 4,409 pounds around Seymour, TN.

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