Engine Air Filter Replacements at Land Rover Knoxville

As you drive, your car encounters dust, sand particles, dirt, and other debris that can get caught in the undercarriage. This debris is usually filtered out with the engine air filter, but in cases were the filter is too old, leaking, or is just inefficient, your engine could suffer.

Here are 3 signs to look for if you are worried your air filter might need replacing:

Sign #1: Smoke & Bad Smells

Because your engine air filter and your engine oil work so closely together, the symptoms of one malfunctioning are pretty similar. If your air filter is old and full of gunk, there is a good chance it isn't doing its job properly. This means that the same gunk can sometimes make its way into the engine and cause scratches and buildup that when overheated could cause smoke and bad odors.

Sign #2: Lower Mileage

Your engine needs air to draw when it has started, so if the filter it draws through is inefficient or clogged, this can cause your engine to work harder. As this issue drags on, you may notice you have to fuel up more often--and if this is the case, you should get your air filter checked for a replacement.

Sign #3: Poor Acceleration or Ignition Problems

Similar to the mileage issue, when your engine air filter is clogged, and the engine can't draw clean air, your spark plugs may react by having a harder time igniting. Even if this isn't a problem, a lot of drivers notice a slower acceleration and an overall harder time reaching higher speeds for the same reason. If left for too long, your vehicle's check engine light may even turn on.

Where Can You Get Your Engine Air Filter Replaced?

If any of these issues sound like things that are going on with your vehicle, make sure you set up an appointment with our service center at once. Left unchecked, an old engine air filter can make driving less comfortable and can even create long lasting problems for your engine that could be costly to fix down the road.

Luckily, getting your air filters replaced is both a fast and inexpensive maintenance item. To confirm a time you're available for, use our online scheduling form or call our service staff at (888) 609-2881 today so we can help.


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