Oil Changes at Land Rover Knoxville

As far as servicing items go, getting your oil changed is one of the easiest and least expensive you can get. You may have heard that every 3,000 miles this needs to be done, but at Land Rover Knoxville, we say that depends on the vehicle. If you can get 5,000 miles without needing it changed, good on you, but when you notice your car starting to suffer, get in to see our service center right away.

Here are 3 signs you might need an oil change:

Sign #1: The Oil Change Alert Light

The most obvious sign that your car might need an oil change, is the oil change alert light on the dashboard. Most Land Rover vehicles have a distance setting that will alert you to service items--like oil changes--after you pass a certain mile marker. Other vehicles might have an actual oil can light that comes on for two weeks' notice of an oil change.

Sign #2: Overheating Engine

Another sign you may notice, is an overheating or particularly noisy or ineffective engine. This happens because as your engine works, the friction of its parts create heat. When the oil in your car isn't sufficient, it can't draw away the heat fast enough and can lead to rising temperatures and in some cases, even a smell of overwork and oil burning. If the issue festers for too long, you may even see the engine alert light pop on.

Sign #3: Exhaust Smoke

Normally as you drive, the exhaust from your vehicle will exit as a slightly translucent/grey vapor from the back. If something has gone wrong in your engine--and particularly if it is overworking and overheating from a lack of oil--you may notice a darker, thicker smoke being released. If this happens, we urge you to get a service appointment quickly to avoid further damage, a costly fix, and dangerous driving.

Where Can You Get Your Oil Changed?

In many cases, our team can change your oil in just a few minutes and without an appointment. We know your time is valuable, though, so if you would like to confirm a time slot so you don't have to wait, either use our online booking form or call our service team at (888) 609-2881.


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